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    OUR ESSAY STRUCTURING SYSTEM FOR Fast Essay Writing Services – Contact us 

    An essay contains 3 key elements: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

    Paper Structure A:- Introduction

    Introduction is the first part of the essay and has three major components. The first sentence of the introduction should offer a general idea of the paper, which serves as the hook. The writer should then include a brief background of the topic. Remember that the introduction should only take 10% of the whole essay. For example, if your essay should have 1500 words, the introduction should be roughly 150 words only. Ultimately, a thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction.

    What is its purpose?
    The introduction presents the main topic of the paper and essay’s course, offers some critical insights regarding the main points and offer’s the primary paper’s intents.
    Try to be concise, clear, and well-focused when developing your introduction.

    Paper Structure B:- Body

    The body should account for approximately 80% of the word count. For instance, if the paper should contain 1500 words, roughly 1200 words spread out in the various body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should contain a single IDEA based on your thesis statement. When developing the body paragraphs, always remember that each body paragraph should contain a topic sentence, evidence or statistics, and a concluding sentence.

    Topic Sentence

    The topic sentence introduces the primary idea in the specific paragraph and MUST always align with the thesis statement. In this case, the topic sentence must contain an arguable point that stems from the thesis statement. Remember to AVOID including citations on the topic sentence.


    The evidence or statistics section offers the requisite support based on data from peer-reviewed sources or the sources provided to work on your paper. The section includes evidence that supports the ideology proposed in the topic sentence of the respective paragraph. Hence, remember to include the appropriate in-text citations based on the formatting style indicated on the instructions. Please remember to avoid personal opinions.

    Concluding Sentence

    The concluding sentence is the last sentence of every body paragraph. Its primary intent is to offer a summary of the main points discussed in the respective paragraph while acting as a transition to the subsequent paragraph.

    Based on these parts of a body paragraph, one determines the number of body paragraphs of the paper depending on the ideas encapsulated within the thesis statement. The paper’s paragraph length also depends on the overall word count required and the instructions stipulated.

    Paper Structure C:- Conclusion

    The conclusion is the last paragraph of every essay and accounts for only 10% of the word count. Using the same example, if your work should be a minimum of 1500 words in total, the conclusion should be roughly 150 words. The first sentence of the conclusion should restate the thesis followed by a summary of the main arguments presented within your essay, especially the body paragraphs. Please avoid introducing new ideas. Ultimately, the last sentence is the final comment that connects the entire essay’s discussion to the bigger picture!

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